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Improved understanding of the short-term and long-term performance of physical assets promotes safety, reliability, and longevity of buildings and other infrastructure assets. To achieve this, a complete visual inspection must be conducted to identify, quantify and document all issues for maintenance and future renovation. The resulting inspection report and 3D model of the structure allow owners to make better data-driven decisions regarding their physical asset inventory. 

In this webinar, David Cheyne, Senior Associate at WJE and Mani Golparvar, CTO and Co-Founder at Reconstruct, will illustrate how owners and engineering firms can use visual data -- collected with drones and 360-degree cameras -- together with cloud-based inspection systems to enable enhanced, cost-effective inspections. 

You can expect to learn: 

  • Best practices for documenting, communicating, and following up on inspectors’ recommendation

  • A unified system for accessing the digital twin remotely 24x7 with ability to measure and annotate the 3D model throughout the life of the structure 

  • Strategies and tactics to improve inspection documentation, timeliness and accuracy

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AI-Driven Digital Twins for 3D Reality Mapping and Virtual Inspection of Physical Asset

David Cheyne

Senior Associate,   WJE

Reconstruct, Inc.


Chicago, IL - Menlo Park, CA - Champaign, IL



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Mani Golparvar

CTO, Reconstruct

Cindy Baldwin

President, VDCO

Mani Golparvar

CTO and Co-Founder, Reconstruct

Mani Golparvar

CTO and Co-Founder


AI-Driven Digital Twins for 3D Reality Mapping and Virtual Inspection of Physical Assets 

David Cheyne

Senior Associate