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"Reality capture" is among the top buzzwords in construction technology, but it raises more questions than answers. How do I determine whether to use laser scanning, drone, 360 video, crane cameras, or some other device? What should I use for indoor vs outdoor? What are the cost/benefit tradeoffs? Do my choices depend on the type of structure? And last but not least, is reality capture even worth it? As the adoption of reality capture becomes more prevalent, it's imperative that construction leaders know the right type of reality capture to use for their projects in order to reap maximum benefits.

In this webinar, Mani Golparvar, CTO and Co-Founder at Reconstruct interviews John Jurewicz, Director of Innovation at Walbridge and John Brown, Supervisor - Reality Capture at General Motors. You can expect to learn: 

  • When to use different reality capture types based on project and use case

  • Situations where more than one type of reality capture should be used on the same project

  • The differences between reality capture and reality mapping 

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Demystifying Reality Capture: How To Choose The Right Approach For Your Project

John Jurewicz

Director of Innovation, Walbridge

Reconstruct, Inc.


Chicago, IL - Menlo Park, CA - Champaign, IL



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Mani Golparvar

CTO, Reconstruct

Cindy Baldwin

President, VDCO

Mani Golparvar

CTO and Co-Founder, Reconstruct

John Jurewicz

Director of Innovation 


Mani Golparvar

CTO and Co-Founder


Demystifying Reality Capture:   How To Choose The Right Approach For Your Project 

John Brown

Supervisor - Reality Capture

General Motors

John Brown

Supervisor - Reality Capture, General Motors